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Updated April 9, 2013

* INDIANO XVIII: Grey Stallion. Born Jan 3,1985 - IALHA #2965(S) (CAZADOR IX x BONDADOSA II)

There was considerable resistance in Spain to the exportation of this stallion to Mexico, because of his quality. He was a champion twice in the showring in Spain, and currently a number of his offspring there are winning gold medals in competion there. A true international champion, he has twice won in Mexico, and has won movement championships there and in the US. His very successful breeding career in Costa Rica and Mexico has resulted in very special foals, and in 1997 in the United States, he was the most successful breeding stallion of all time. He is just over 16 hands, with balance, bone and harmony and a pearly white coat affirming his royal lineage. His physical beauty and presence are only surpassed by his movement, which is definitely world class, regardless of breed. A number of warm-blood competitors chose this horse as the sire of their foals.

*INDIANO'S pedigree is pure Romero Benitez, showing some of the purest and most admired of that line of horses who trace directly back to the pure Cartujano horses. The legacy of genetic quality of this horse will be felt for generations in the Spanish Horses in the U.S. Because this stallion is owned In a Syndicate, he is only available to the mares of the owners of the Syndicate. Prospective purchasers of his foals should contact the Syndicate members for information and availability of foals. INDIANO unfortunately died in November 2012, at the age of 27 - a great loss, but his legacy lives on.

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Bakersfield, California


This exceptional 16.3 hand stallion was the first son of the legendary Spanish Military stallion LEVITON to be imported into the US. During a trip to Spain by the owners of Gremlan Farm, *REGALADO was selected especially for his dressage potential, size, type and competitive movement. He was approved for breeding in Spain and arrived as a 3 year old. He became very well known and admired in open dressage competition throughout the West Coast of the US, ridden by the professional rider, Willy Arts, who showed him with great success through 4th level. Tragically he died at 10 years old, while training for his FEI career. His legacy has been a large number of offspring that inherited his super temperament and work ethic, as well as his physical ability and stature. This stallion easily handled a busy breeding career as well as a competitive dressage and breed show career, at the same time. His death was a loss to the whole breed.
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Bakersfield, California

* GAUCHO III: Grey Stallion. Born Feb. 24, 1990 (PANADERO VIII x BIZARRA XIII )

This stallion has caused a sensation internationally as an extraordinary dressage competitor. His gaits are world class, and recognized in the dressage world as a rising star. He has competed at Intermediate I and Grand Prix, he is an accepted real sport horse, with the addition of the style and fire of the Spanish Horse, he has made his mark for sure. An unfortunate injury has put an end to his competitive career, but his first purebred in the United States were produced in 2001 and there are some 81 wonderful products available. (In Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica, there are another 15 purebred offspring.)

In 2007, GAUCHO III was presented to the First Spanish Tribunal on US soil, for approval as a “QUALIFIED” Stallion. At 17 years old, he was one of the oldest horses presented, as most horses are presented during their 4 to 6 year old years, and he was accepted, both for his physical structure, and wonderful movement, and extreme quality. He continues to produce fabulous offspring to this day.

OWNER:Mtica Farms, Florida
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Wellington, Florida

* GUARAPO: Black Stallion. Born February 2,1989 - IALHA #1541(S) (GENIL x INTRUSA II)

Originally imported from Mexico as a weanling, this super young black stallion developed into an extraordinary producer. His illustrious sire GENIL was one of the most successful and admired Champions of Spain and sired some of the best horses in the Americas, and although grey himself, often produced bay and black, even from grey mares! The dam of *GUARAPO is INTRUSA II - a black treasure from the farm of Maria Fernanda de la Escalera in Spain. The noble nature of this young stallion was known to all who were exposed to him, and after a renowndly successful breeding career spanning more than 6 years in California, he is now proudly standing and training in South Carolina. Approved by the Spanish commission at three years old, foals of this stallion are proving to be very valuable, and have been exported to both Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately deceased in 11/2012 - he is greatly missed.
OWNER:Kim Elliott
VIEW AT: South Carolina
Swansea, South Carolina

NAVARRE GF: Black Stallion. Born May 15, 1991 - IALHA #1783(S) (TEODORO x *LADINA)

Surely one of the most awesome horses ever produced in the United States, bred by Gremlan Farms, this 16.2+ hand pitch black stallion is internationally admired and coveted by breeders from many different countries. He is the result of a dream breeding two U.S. National Champions -TEODORO who is an especially impressive bay stallion with extreme Spanish conformation, and much admired by the Spanish Commission who approved him for entry into the Spanish Stud Book; and *LADINA, the black mare that is described in the foundation mare page. NAVARRE GF was purchased by his owners while still `in utero' which is the only way for one to acquire a horse of this quality! Amongst many honors in the show ring, he won the US National Champion Stallion title of 1997, and was many time `Best Movement' winner. His fairly limited book in breeding career has resulted in extreme value for his foals, and his death in 11/2012 has been a tragedy for us all.
OWNER:Mike and Connie Connelly
VIEW AT: Manor Hill Farm
Kansas City, Missouri

* DOCTOR XVI: Black Stallion, Born Feb. 2, 1995 (GANADOR VIII x DOCTORA VI)

The acquisition of this stallion represents many years of diplomacy on the part of his owner. He is of a quality that is seldom exported. and affects everyone that sees him with wonder and admiration. He is over 16.2 hands tall - has extreme beauty, strength and substance He is a wonderful straight mover, with great extension and power in his gaits. His coat is inky black. and the size and correctness of his bone makes him a very special improvement sire. What a horse, modern, strong, beautiful, kind, enthusiastic and gentle....the epitomy of the Spanish Horse indeed!
OWNER:Armando Miranda
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Hacienda, Miranda

* DOMINANTE XXIV: Bay Stallion, Born Feb. 17. 2000 - Registered Spanish Stud Book, PRE Mundial and IALHA Dominante XVI x Gamera

This stallion carries a great percentage of "Escalera" blood, with an ideal consanguinity of 6.67%. He was the first 'QUALIFIED" P.R.E. stallion in the USA, having been imported by Gremlan Farms from his breeder, Villa Mazzara near Barcelona. He was immediately purchased by Snowy Peaks Ranch of Utah, and with the careful promotion and training of his owners, Richard and Linda Nickerson, has been a huge success as both a competitive dressage horse and breeding stallion. His offspring have proven to be universally superior and well sought after, proving the value of the JL Escalera line for competitive modern type dressage horses - as well as morphologically superior P.R.E. individuals. *DOMINANTE XXIX himself has won numerous championships in the U.S. and he is now in FEI level competitions, heading for Grand Prix next year.
Richard and Linda Nickerson
Snowy Peaks Ranch - Utah
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Elbert, Colorado
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