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During a visit to Spain in the early 1960's we were totally captivated with a view of a gloriously extroverted young Spanish stallion in a bullring, facing a raging black bull with style, courage and elegance and we promised ourselves that we would one day have such horses in our lives. GREMLAN FARMS was established in 1979 with the purchase in California of two purebred Spanish Andalusian mares and a young stallion. The acquisition of these magnificent horses was fulfillment of our dream and led us into a passionate quest for more knowledge of genetics, geneology and history.
Research at that time led us to believe that bloodlines in the United States were becoming limit, and subsequent visits to Spain resulted in the importation in 1984 of the athletic, blue blooded 16.3 hand 'Romero Benitez' stallion, *REGALADO II - a son of the legendary Yeguada Militar improvement sire LEVITON. He competed up to Prix St. George on the open dressage circuit in the Western States, and his talents were widely recognized, both within the breed and outside whenever he was in the ring, the stands were full! This horse - a prince of his breed - tragically died at an early age, but through his exceptional offspring he will have left his mark indelibly on the stock in the U.S. and Canada. Six special mares were also imported from Spain at that time, representing entirely new bloodlines. Two of these were black, and the exotically beautiful *LADINA, was awarded the US National Mare Championship in 1989. She is our shining star and is one of the most exciting and best mares to come to these shores.

Our primary goal is to breed athletic and functional horses, true to Spanish type, particularly for dressage where possible, although we are always more concerned with a horse being able to his potential than forcing him into a mold in which he is not comfortable.

We stand outside stallions for our clients who have been involved with our breeding program. We share the information gained in our studies of conformation and breed type wherever possible. This is an ongoing labor of love; we are proud to protect the breed standard and develop recognition for this national treasure of Spain. We also pride ourselves in horse and new owner that they may become as captivated as we are. GREMLAN FARMS horses have gone to many states in the US and many have also been exported to Canada, Mexico and Nicaragua.
We have been at our present location since 1980 and our horses are raised with care and pride They graze in lush pastures during the day and are brought in every night. They are handled from birth, and trained slowly and lovingly, according to their development and abilities. Our experience with reproduction has been proven over 20 years.

Although these phenomenal horses are our treasures, we are owned as much by them and their noble and forgiving spirits, as they are owned by us. Our connection with these magnificent creatures has become an enthralling life long obsession for us. The passion for the Spanish horse has spearheaded our wholehearted adoption of Spanish Commission breeding quality evaluations in order that the quality and type of the horse in the USA be consistent with the mother country - the crucible of the breed!

GREMLAN FARMS are sole representatives in the United States for HACIENDA SANTA LUCIA Mexico, where some of the very best Spanish horses in existence are owned and bred by Federico and Antonio Jimenez Sainz. We have imported more than 100 wonderful young horses from there, once again infusing new blood for our pure Spanish horses.

Sales lists are displayed on this site and are constanly updated. Call for futher information or videos on spacific horses, consultation of bloodlines, criteria and characteristics, import/export and/or directions to the ranch. Visit with us when you can, get to know, admire and enjoy these majestic horses, bask in their nobility, feel their spirit. they will change your life .................

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